Be A NuParent – Not the Usual Parent, A New Kind of Parent!

NuParent is at the forefront of the parent education movement

NuParent is a unique parent education program created by Children’s Bureau. It is more than just a parent education program that focuses on issues of child development, nutrition, health and safety, etc. It is based on the understanding that theoretical information, while important, is not enough to provide the skills needed by parents today to effectively change how they look at parenting. Parents need hands-on, interactive sessions that involve their children and provide ongoing support.  NuParent meets all these needs.


Not Just Theoretical

Our program curriculums are composed of 3 important components

A didactic or knowledge-enrichment section: Provides opportunities to improve and enhance their child-rearing knowledge and skills

A joint parent-child activity section: Enjoy fun activities that strengthen the parent/child bonding process with their child

A social support section: Have an opportunity to share and compare ideas, experiences, information, frustrations and successes

Our Support & Curriculum

NuParent is a family support and development program with curriculums that cover all of the ages and stages from birth to 5 years. It focuses on helping parents to become the ‘best parents they can be.’ NuParent can be implemented in eight group sessions, or ‘one on one’ home visitations which may take a longer period of time to complete. The program encourages having the group sessions with children within certain  developmental age groups, such as: 0 to 6 months, 6 months to 1 year, 1 to 3 years, 3 to 5 years. Parents participate with their children to enhance and improve both the learning and bonding process. The NuParent curriculum is designed to be customized to a particular parent group or agency. Parents leave the program with a complete reference guide (in both English and Spanish) for their use at home.

Ongoing group support is encouraged through a NuParent Club Facebook page, local NuParent social events and self-created support groups within the parents themselves.  Facilitators are encouraged to keep open contact with parents after the NuParent sessions.

Become a NuParent Partner in Your Community

Community Partners

If your organization strives to provide parent education to your local community, training one or more of your employees or members is the best way to join the NuParent movement. Training is routinely held in Los Angeles and at various locations around the country, but we will come to your site for training if that is better for your organization.

Independent Partners

If helping parents be the Best Parent They Can Be Most of the Time is your goal, become a NuParent Facilitator. Facilitator training is offered routinely in Los Angeles and around the country and is completed in 3 days. Once you complete the training, begin offering NuParent sessions in your community!

Organizational Partners

When an organization agrees to become a partner and to implement the NuParent program, NuParent conducts a (3) three-day facilitator training session (Step One) for the organization’s selected staff members.  The training is from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Trainees are required to send in a resume and have parent/child experience.


The NuParent Club

The NuParent Club was developed as a follow-up to the NuParent program as an ongoing group support system. Some of the families who have taken NuParent continue to meet on their own. This gives families the opportunity to develop their own group support system that includes ongoing group activities, child-care co-ops., etc.

Be The Best Parent You Can Be, Most Of The Time

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