Why NuParent?

At NuParent, we believe that family support is the foundation for enhancing children’s positive social and emotional development. Parents and families need education and support to better understand child development and health and to develop skills that enhance parenting, as well as having access to resources to be the best parents possible. This is especially critical during the formative years from birth through age five. NuParent was developed to help parents acquire and internalize parenting and problem-solving skills necessary to build a healthy family. Our intent is to increase knowledge of parenting and of early childhood development, which can lead to the development of nurturing and secure parent-child relationships, parental resilience, social connections and additional support for parents. Studies show that parent-child relationships can be enhanced through parent training and family strengthening programs.

Recognizing the parent as the most important teacher in a child’s life, the purpose of NuParent is to build parents’ capacity and skills so they can support the healthy development and education of their child. This then enhances the relationship between the parent and child to foster the child’s positive social- emotional and language and literacy development, and thus their readiness for school. Early language and literacy is a critically important indicator in the determination of a child’s academic progress throughout their entire school career and beyond.

NuParent programs are held within a community setting, providing a mechanism by which families can enhance their knowledge and skill on how best to support their child’s optimal development. Added benefits include access to tools and resources that increase parents’ awareness of cognitive, physical and motor development, parental resilience, and social connections/support mechanisms available to parents.

Research suggests that certain program elements are indicators of quality parenting education programs. These indicators include program design and content implemented with fidelity, program relevance, high quality staffing and quality assurance activities. Additionally, research indicates that highly effective parenting education programs involve both parents and their children in a series of classes. The critical element in any parenting education program is that parents and families have opportunities to practice newly learned skills with support from parent educators. NuParent is designed to include ALL the aspects necessary to help parents Be The Best Parents They Can Be—Most of the Time.**

**Why Most of the Time? The reality is, NO ONE can be the best parent ALL of the time. Daily life happens. But with the proper tools, every parent WANTS to be the best parent they can be most of the time. By giving parents permission to make mistakes, NuParent encourages parents to start fresh each day with resolve.

The History of NuParent

6NuParent is the creation of Alex Morales, CEO of Children’s Bureau, and Dr. Nereido Rodriguez, pediatrician. Alex Morales has devoted his life to serving children. Alex Morales the President and Chief Executive Officer of Children’s Bureau of Southern California, had the vision of a new and revolutionary approach to Parenting Education. He desired to develop a unique method of educating parents and created the NuParent Program. His leadership and mentorship have made NuParent a cornerstone of the work of the Children’s Bureau.

Alex has a Masters degree in social work and a Bachelor of Arts degree in physics.

Alex has been recently recognized for his contributions:  2014 Annenberg Foundation – Visionary Leader; 2014 James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award Finalist; and 2008 Social Worker of the Year, Los Angeles Region of the National Association of Social Workers.

Dr. Nereido Rodriguez became a Board-certified Pediatrician in Cuba. His work with children all over the world led him to his passion of supporting parents in their efforts to be the best parent they can be—most of the time. Dr. Nereido believes that the best intentions lie within every parent and that with some education and a lot of support, every parent will provide a better environment for their child. Dr. Nereido speaks around the world on child abuse prevention and is a regular presenter at Early Childhood conferences in the United States.

NuParent has been implemented in dozens of agencies around the United States over the past 20 years. The parents and facilitators report increased awareness of parenting responsibilities and understanding of child development. Parents enjoy the ongoing social support they receive and there is evidence that the children of these parents have better outcomes as a result of their parents’ participation.