Our Curriculums

NuParent curriculums (for facilitators) and parent guidebooks cover all the ages and stages from the last trimester of pregnancy up to 5 years of age. NuParent can be implemented in center-based group sessions or one-on-one during home visitations. NuParent also fosters social support and NuParent Club sessions. Parent Guidebooks are currently available in English and in Spanish.



Peri-Natal: The Last Trimester of Pregnancy through 3 Months after Birth

  • Helpful information for the mother and father
  • Your newborn’s development – Birth to 3 months
  • Bonding, crying and sleeping
  • Important Issues (CPR, SIDS and Postpartum Depression)


Infant: Birth to One Year of Age

  • Welcome and congratulations in wanting to learn more about parenting
  • Your growing baby – social and emotional development
  • Your growing baby – cognitive and physical development
  • Communication
  • Health and safety
  • Nurturing routines
  • Guiding your baby
  • Preparing for your baby’s future

Toddler Curriculum: One to 3 Years of Age

  • Parenting a toddler
  • Your growing toddler – physical and cognitive development
  • Your growing toddler – social and emotional development
  • Health and Safety
  • Daily routines
  • Guiding and setting limits
  • Challenging behaviors
  • Preparing for your toddler’s future


Preschooler: Three to Five Years of Age

  • Parenting your preschooler
  • About your developing preschooler
  • Communicating with your preschooler and strengthening your bond
  • Health and Safety
  • Your preschooler’s social and emotional development
  • Guiding and disciplining your preschooler
  • Preparing your preschooler for school
  • Preparing for your preschooler’s future