The NuParent Club

The NuParent Club was developed as a follow-up to the NuParent program as an ongoing group support system. Some of the families who have taken NuParent continue to get together monthly in the location where their training was held while others continue to meet on their own. In order to help that process, NuParent created a members-only NuParent Facebook page for parents, with more topics and activities that parents can use. This gives families the opportunity to develop their own group support system that includes ongoing group activities, childcare co-ops, etc.

For Agencies or Organizations

When parents have completed the NuParent program, facilitators should encourage their parents to continue meeting with each other by giving them the NuParent Club Handbook. If you have the space and staff, try having the club meet at your agency once a month, or quarterly. Your facilitator can run the Club or have the parents alternate facilitating the Club on their own.

For Parents

When you have completed the NuParent program, the agency that provided the NuParent sessions will give you a NuParent Club Handbook. This resourceful handbook has more topics and activities that you may use to continue your parent and child education and continue enhancing your groups’ interaction and support. Check to see if the agency may already have a NuParent Club formed at their site that may be run by either their NuParent facilitator or by the parents. By choice, however, parents can run their own NuParent Club by meeting at each others’ homes using a schedule convenient to everyone (i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc.).